Monday, April 21, 2008

Symphony of Colors

The misty dawn, the lilac sky
To whom Weary spirits look up high
Early morn, its a brand new day,
The emerging light brightens our way

The morning air, so fresh and clear
And pastel shades would soon appear
In a sky alit with orange and red
As the lazy sun crawled out of bed.

This blazing star narrows its sight
And scorches me with noon's white light
I plead to him, Do please spare me
I owe my life, only unto thee

Lunch for me, it had better be soon
Famished am I, for its afternoon
Half day through, I yearn for siesta
A few hours more, and its time for fiesta

Shadows grow long, as the sun goes down
With hues of amber, it paints all town
The day's not done, there is more to come
Though sorry for few, and happy for some

Twilight sets in, greeting a bright new day
Together we cling, together we'll stay
Forever and ever till journeys end
Ne'er parting ways, as lover or friend

A navy blanket adorned with stars
Keeping me from life's harshest scars
A moon so round, smiling o'er the lake
On the morrow it has, sleepy sun to wake

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