Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Rvotes...


Over time, I have written many one-liners and quotes… Some of these are due to experiences, and some, not. But mostly, they are just lines from my mind… Lines that I look back on, when need arises…
Hope you enjoy what you read here…

• Decide what you don’t want… else you will have so many options, that you won’t know what you want.
• Anything done half, can prove fatal.
• If you don’t know what to do, THINK. At least that’s better than doing nothing.
• Knowledge is a mixture of sparks, all collected and made to appear as a ball of fire.
• Laugh till you can laugh no more…
• If you cannot laugh for yourself, do it for the ones who love you.
• Fate is just another 4 letter ‘F’ word. What really counts is the desire within to create a meaning for it.
• I am happy to be sad…’cause after every sorrow, there is a joy.
• If you fear the sadness that comes after the joy, you will never see the joy.
• One and one may give eleven.. But a zero with another zero always gives a Nil.
• Not knowing what to do is a vast knowledge by itself.
• Love is a funny game: just when you think that you are winning, you realize that it is yet to begin.
• A rule is made by man for others to follow, and himself to break.
• There is a treasure at the end of every rainbow. But make sure your rainbow doesn’t end where you find that treasure…
• Love yourself. You can always change your neighbors.
• Look for it. Find it. But most importantly, cherish it.
• A breeze is like a dream you wish you could have. But it is the gusty wind that gets you there.
• Do unto yourself what you would do unto others…and you will know…
• One cannot really be that far apart from another…After all, we see the same moon everyday!
• The problem and solution both lie before you: If you fail to see the problem, its ignorance. But if you fail to see the solution, its natural.
• Humility is worth being proud of.
• Insensitivity is that undesirable effect of your forced self-denial that others have to see.
• Curbing something won’t take you away from it; Instead, just stop feeling the need for it.
• The answers to many of your questions lie in YOU.
• Imagination: That limitless phenomenon second to only the Universe.
• When in darkness, look for a match; if you don’t find one, it’s probably not dark yet.
• If in a moment’s time you cannot think of 1 thing you’ve achieved so far, you had better get on to something!!
• A clown makes you laugh at his expense; a cartoonist, at another’s . It is safer to be a bit of both.
• Hold on to what makes you, but make sure it doesn’t sweep you away with its force.
• Envy is just another hoarding that screams “INSECURITY”.
• Best Oxymoron: Live for something that’s worth dying for. (This is my personal favorite)
• Acquiesce to your heart’s plea, for it does not ask for much…
• Your mind can only curb your actions, not your thoughts. So act like there is no tomorrow. If there is, your mind will tell you what to do next.
• A pioneer is one who takes the risks that others only dream of.
• Some complain about having no time; the truth is, they just don’t care.
• An excuse is an indirect way of saying “I cannot”.
• The most exciting prospects can also end up being the most disastrous.
• There is no feeling comparable to a cool breeze hitting your face on a sunny day…
• If a person matters to you, so do his feelings and perceptions… But if he doesn’t matter to you, it just doesn’t matter!
• I am sad to be happy …’cause after every joy, there is a sorrow.
• Reflect, don’t brood…Correct, don’t reprimand… Pursue, don’t obsess.
• Expectations lead to relationships that may not even be justified.
• It’s funny how we have different names for the same feeling, at different times.
• Don’t put names where they don’t belong…It just makes it messy.
• And then there are days when even with a million people around you, you are all alone.
• An impression only matters when the person you are making it on matters.
• Boredom can gnaw at you, but only when YOU want it to!
• You may never look at yourself the way others do. Even a mirror won’t help.
• When young, it will pass as innocence. When mature, its plain ignorance.
• 13 might be unlucky for some… but 13.5 sure was NOT so for me.
• When we say ‘There just wasn’t any time’, it means its time to reprioritize.
• Originality is usually inspired one way or another.
• And then there are some that, due to lack of creativity, deter others from creating…
• It’s even easier to see thru’ those that think otherwise.
• Regretting is easier than undoing the source of regret.
• The should-be’s and would-be’s matter only if they are not impediments…
• A feature is one when you like it..till then it’s either a nuisance or something you are indifferent about..
• Some dreams are better ungettable… Reality could add complications.
• Irritation is just a vague answer to some open-ended question…
• I dream of a wirefree world…and here I am, living in one…always connected, no matter what!
• Boring routines are when you follow them…when you don’t, its fun!
• Everything has to be just right. A little more can be overwhelming.. a little less leaves you wanting more
• It is good to live in dream worlds once in a while. It makes even reality look dreamlike…
• Imagine what you can’t, and do what you can imagine.
• Things don’t just pop out of nowhere. They are always based out of something or someone.
• I used to look at the moon, thinking that we all looked at the same moon at any given instant…how wrong was I!
• On one hand, there’s a frog in a well, and on the other, there’s a circle of friends. I wonder where I belong.
• They have sunken in, have been absorbed…. its time to ooze out some color!!!
• Smoking only leads to ashes…soooo not worth it.
• Breathe and resuscitate when you can.
• Drenched to my guts, I need some more fluids.
• Mulling over your weaknesses is of no use to you, but overlooking them brings use to others.
• How is it that the best is always in the good ol’ days, and the worst is yet to come?
• It’s no use trying to be LIKE someone…not even yourself. Instead, just BE.
• Walking makes you realize you have legs for a reason…to hurt!
• With flowers all around, it certainly smells S-P-R-I-N-G.
• Neither do you earn love, nor do you just get it….but if you do indeed have it, you are just plain lucky!!
• And the only one that won or lost, was “I”.
• A million thoughts go into making the ONE perfect line…and yet, the one that makes most sense is that which came straight from the heart, in a split second.
• The most real thing ever is ‘REALization’
• The only competition life can have, is with time.
• What you see is, quite plainly, what YOU SEE. It not necessarily IS.
• A smile is only a contortion of the lips, unless it comes from within.
• Only dreams qualify as being real and entirely yours!
• Preaching and influencing doesn’t necessarily imply wisdom… But insecurity, yes.
• We humans can really be very strange… we usually ask for the entire truth, but seldom accept it.
• Just trying to be different, doesn’t really make you different. It just makes you odd.
• The fact remains that where you feel free, you head.
• Just cuz you don’t ask, doesn’t mean you don’t care….you probably don’t want to add to the pre-existing mediocrities.
• If you are in the habit of thinking and know any language at all, then write ! You never know when amnesia will hit you… the last thing you would want is losing your thoughts.
• There’s always a reason… even if it’s nothing.
• Seldom does humanity bring humans closer…it’s usually the countries, religions or cultures.
• The difference between compromise and sacrifice is that the former is an opportunity cost, while the latter, a write-off.
• Sometimes it’s the lack of action that speaks louder than the action itself.
• Change in self is acceptable ONLY when it is self-initiated; and not due to external influences.
• It’s all within reach…all you need to do is, extend your hand.
• The world accuses you of changing, when in fact, it is the world that has changed. You… you are still the same…
• It really gets ugly when it becomes an obligation.
• Blogging (like water) can work real wonders for you.
• Depending on another is bad enough… But making another depend on you is much worse.
• The poor results (obtained by our friends) on those self-made quizzes on FB show the disparity between what we imagine of ourselves, and how we are perceived …
• Weekends are for either lazing or spending whatever little money one has.
• The farce each of us puts up with is worthy of at least some appreciation!
• The dawn of Friday lights up my face…. and that of Sunday has almost an opposite effect.
• It is a big deal only if you make a big deal out of it!
• More often than not, we indulge in the attitudes and interests of others than our own…
• And just when you realize its there, it slips through your fingers.
• When you set your expectations real low, everything seems good.
• It’s quite interesting how things that held little or no importance once, now mean so much….OR the other way round.
• Going blank, and staying there for a while…now, that too is a talent!
• When in doubt, have some chocolate.
• Musical taste (or lack of it) is one of the criteria for relationships.
• How our devices rule our moods is quite scary!
• I wish all months had 30 days for spending, and 31 for the pending work!
• Sometimes even a little reciprocation goes a long way…
• Ownership is the cause of many a problem.
• When work gets to you, well …too late. Don’t let it.
• Evenings like yesterday’s are kinda hard to come by….
• A moment now is a memory the next.
• Ignore what you have, and keep wanting what you can’t. This seems to be the motto of many a life.
• First we waste, then we whine.
• We would be much happier individuals if we learn to let go…
• One cannot really change anyone. What one sees as change is nothing but a dormant – albeit inherent – feature.
• You have what you want. You probably just don’t know it yet…
• Getting used to anything is usually no good… Gets your expectations either too high or too low, but seldom right.
• It’s a fair game as long as you are the one setting the rules.
• When disappointment strikes, it looms over you like a big black cloud…. And everything feels like a heavy raindrop from that cloud!
• Those 4 and a half minutes of listening to and enjoying a track with and as your loved one, can really mean a lot more than many other things…
• When you wake up to find yourself drenched in tears, be glad that it was just a dream
• What I really need is so very different from what I want…
• First we strive to make our environment fit in, then we strive to fit into the environment we created …
• If you think hard, solution will find its way into your grey cells.
• We keep comparing everything to everything else, and then blame it all on money.
• Bad intuition had better be wrong as well!
• The things we get ourselves into, just so we can get out of something!
• The quiet observed in a noisy place is so much more valuable than the slightest noise in an otherwise quiet place.
• Convenience is the cause of all excuses.
• I wonder what’s better… being jailed and unable to do a thing, or being free and not having to do anything.
• How word placement matters: Doing nothing v/s Nothing to do
• Curb your actions if you must, negate your emotions when the situation demands, but never ever bother to deny your thoughts. The only person you will end up fooling by this, is YOU.
• I think man goes to war so as to be able to appreciate peace better. (sigh…) Sad are some ways of life…
• It sucks when you really have something to say, and there’s not a soul around to hear (let alone listen)!
• There are times when being around acquaintances and strangers is preferable over known persons and friends.
• Does the song you are repeatedly listening to reflect your mood, or is it just some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy ? I wonder…
• The biggest fear is that of not knowing… or is it ?
• The decision may be made in a moment, but the outcome lasts for life!
• For something new to begin, does something HAVE to end?
• I am not your cheerleader, and this is not a sport!
• Sometimes people with their hollow, meaningless and not-intended-to-sting-you words, can end up real scorpion-like!
• The only persons whose feminine side I like, are MEN!
• The silence that stares at you when one track ends and the next begins, can really be louder than the tracks themselves!
• Who knew that things one didn’t really like, could also inspire!
• I guess creativity missed the road to my home this year… GPS needed urgently!
• It’s either real or it’s just not there!
• Don’t mix your problems, for you may end up with mixed solutions…
• Sometimes you (need to) take up certain tasks/events so that you can conveniently “miss” certain others.
• Stolen moments, unattached words, pleasant memories, unforced smiles – all wrapped in a beautiful weather… elements of a potentially good story.
• Life is a subjective multiple choice questionnaire… Hmm… Doesn’t make sense?? Precisely my point!!
• If the timing ain’t right, pretty much nothing is!
• I am still hoping it’s a bad dream. All I have to do is wake up!
• Forever is a really really long time.
• Life sure goes on, but it’s not really the same… There’s usually something gained or lost from it in the process…
• If: small word, big difference…
• It’s been a while since we joked and laughed together…but when we did, it still seemed so easy and natural, yet again…as ever!
• Out of sight, etched in mind.
• Don’t dwell in the past, but don’t kill it either. Especially, if it’s beautiful.
• Anything beautiful mustn’t be killed – not even one’s past.
• There is always a first, even in the second and the third… that’s what makes it special.
• Nobody’s really a stranger for long. The world’s getting to be that small a place.
• Please don’t be the gal/guy that broke someone’s heart just because you decided it was best for the both of you. That’s the lamest reason ever!
• Have I really seen so much that everything I see reminds me of something?!
• Does age make one mushier?!?!
• Some things are just not meant to end abruptly… Well, I would’ve liked to say ‘not end at all’… but then… that’s just me.
• Blue is too beautiful a color to be associated with Mondays… And although grey is all classy, somehow “Monday greys” feels more appropriate.
• Everything you do does indeed have a reason – even if it is as simple as “Cuz I felt like it”.
• One with solid ground beneath dances more freely than one without.
• I identify another maverick when they pick me!
• When I loved her, she cared not for me. Now, when she loves me, I have no love left for her.
• I always had these words woven in these sentences deep within me… It’s only when I’d read them that I realized that I had these in me. They are just another side of me…
• Every word has its own meaning. But when sewn together, they make beautiful sentences.
• Pen down whatever you feel like. Capture those moments whenever you get a chance.
• Now is the right time to do what you feel like. Tomorrow has no guarantee.
• It’s better to do it first and then say sorry, than seek permission to do it.
• Try not what others have tried, for you’ll only get what others have got.
• Love: A feeling of loss. You lose yourself in the smile of the other.
• I am caught up – between my heart and my senses.
• Apology is one of those things one mustn’t waste over others. It should be spent with prudence.
• Be prudent. Don’t waste yourself.
• When I showed her warmth, she asked me to cool down. And when I did, she said I was cold.
• Be glad to have a friend like you.
• They say this world is a very small place. Then why is it that love once lost, is hardly ever found again?
• Everybody is unique. So each one is just the same as the other, thanks to the uniqueness.
• Sometimes you just gotta “love” the things you hate.
• The happiest are those that do what and when they want to do!
• The more you run from it or push it away, the more it will follow you… so the simpler alternative is to just accept it and let it be.
• Sometimes we have the simplest explanation staring us in the face, while we are groping around for the unfathomable non-existent ones.
• As long as smiles are created, everything’s fine.
• Something’s on my mind for sure. But I can’t put my finger on it, cuz my mind’s too far away!
• I like a balanced diet. I balance mine with the health food lovers of the world, by thriving on cheese, chocolate and ice cream!
• Time sure heals everything… it puts a Band-Aid on “stuff”, and then when you try to pull it off later, tears just roll off.
• I fear dishonesty. But more so, I fear the people that practise it with fervor.
• Positivity usually spurs from an undignified amount of negativity anyway!
• Horizon is just a matter of where one stands.
• Sometimes, yawning only takes you further away from sleep.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Silent Smile

Night now unfolded
Opened like a vast canvas
Smoothed into galactic plane

Diamond dust sprinkled
On a sheet ebony blue
Gleam intensified

Watching Luna smile
Revel in her own glory
True heavenly bliss

Past present future
Written between shiny dots
Many tales revealed

Reflected below
On glistening waters black
Sight never to miss

Dreams floating right by
Tickling exhausted nerves
High ride on some cloud

Eyelids heavier
Warm darkness sweeping over
Pure satisfaction

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So far… yes, so far

How they appear so miniscule and tiny
While we are the ones that are really small

How they happily coexist in their world
While we strive in ours to keep our hands off each others’ throats

How they gently look at us, smile and tease us
While we look back at them with contempt, and wish… wish… and perish while still wishing

How they pride over and boast of their immaculate freedom
While we unendingly shrivel shamefaced, from our close-mindedness

How they brighten up the blackest of nights with their faint sparkle
While we spoil the sunniest of days with our dark tempers

How they are stationary, and yet appear to move
While we are constantly in motion, yet we feel the chains of stagnation tearing us apart

How they stay afloat in their vast universe with buoyancy and life
While we drown in our own oceans of desire

How they are content and self-sufficient
While how we forever aspire to reach up to them and get them in our hands

Yet we are still here, and they are still there
Can this separation ever be erased?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Desire, But I Wish...

I want to raft the waters white
But I need to stay within my sight

I want to have a choco tart
But I need someone with the sweetest heart

I want to roam all o’er the world
Yet I need to stay right by her, curled

I want to ski down the slopes
But I need to be up on the hopes

I want to fly by greens and seas
But I need to keep my mind at ease

I want myself to look the best
But I need to ace at life’s main test

I want it all, I want to shine
But I need myself never to whine

So I may want the wants I see
But I will need to be true to me

Sunday, February 15, 2009

For True Love on a special Day

I'd never dreamt that there could be this day.
A day when love will find its way.
Out of my heart and into your soul.
These feelings I have are beyond my control.

All my life I have waited patiently.
For a Princess like you, so beautiful, so lovely.
Words can't express the way I feel.
These feelings towards you are all for real.

You are the reason why I go on.
Eternity can't separate this special bond.
This heart of mine is reserved for you.
Forever it is yours, this love is so true.

I'll be your first and you'll be my last.
My world, my everything, till my time has past.
I will always love you until the end of time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The True Expression of Love...

I asked a while back what was the truest expression of love. Fictions and stories have always failed to teach me. They make me think, and ponder scenarios beyond my experience.

Love is a feeling that we experience in so many different ways towards various people. Love is the ultimate expression of our divinity. It is an emotion that holds the power to heal and strengthen the physical and emotional body.

I often experience the overwhelming fullness of love for those that I care deeply about. Once we allow our hearts to open and reveal the full expression of love it comes with great risk. We have hopes and expectations. We want it to be reciprocated and valued. When we choose to risk our hearts, we take a chance of being hurt or rejected.
But Love has the power to heal, and, transform. Every expression of love carries in it the seeds of possibilities. When we nurture and honor love, it has the ability to lift us up and give us hope, tenderness and affection. Without love we miss out on so many blissful moments in life.

Gratification is doing whatever the feelings of love motivates you to do in a moment. This promises the most instant satisfaction. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like hugging someone and decided I couldn’t or shouldn’t.

Commitment is, in this case, synonymous with faithfulness and loyalty. True love inspires commitment. There’s no greater gift to offer a person than your eternal devotion.

Sacrifice. Obviously there are different levels of sacrifice. A bunch of little things all added together are the kind of sacrifice I mean. There isn’t an opportunity for each of us to die for another to demonstrate our love. We talk about being a living sacrifice, which is totally giving one’s heart, soul, mind, and strength to the purposes, comfort and good of another.

Time is your most precious gift because you only have a limited amount of it. You can make more money but you can’t make more time. When you give someone more time you are giving out a portion of your life that you will never get back. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

It is not enough just to say relationships are important; we must prove it by investing time in them. Words alone are worthless. Relationships take time and effort, and the best way to spell love is “T-I-M-E”.

The essence of love is not what we think or do or provide to others, but how much we give ourselves. Men in particular, often don’t understand this. Yes, I am brave enough to accept that they don't. What we should understand is, that they want us in a relationship. Our eyes, ears, our attention, our presence and our focus. In essence they want your time. Nothing can substitute that.

There is a very famous saying, "You can give without loving but you can’t love without giving". Love to me means giving, yielding my preferences, comfort, goals, security, energy or time for the benefit of someone who I love more than life.

Relationship must have priority in your life above everything else because relationships are all what life is all about. Incidentally many underrate relationships when you hear them talking about finding time for our people, giving the impression that relationship are just a part of our lives along with many other tasks.
But relationships are what life is all about. Indeed, four of the Ten Commandments deal with our relationship with people.

Busyness is the greatest enemy of relationships. Relationships, not achievements or acquisition of things are what matters most in life. We become preoccupied with making a living, doing our work, paying bills and accomplishing goals as if these tasks are the point of life. They are not. The point of life is learning to love. Life minus love is zero because the scriptures tell us that love is eternal; lasting forever.

Another thing is that love leaves a legacy. It is not your wealth or accomplishments, but how you treated other people is the most enduring impact you can leave on earth.

For me Love is the secret of lasting heritage.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I am afraid of the vibes
Of the unspoken words that scare
Of the light touch that rattles my nerve
With certainty, I know its there

I fear the yen that so persists
That I know is to be curbed
And yet it is unstoppable
Like an excruciating thirst

The crowd around, it does hurt
It kills the spark; dulls the flame
But once left to ourselves
It rises again, no one’s to blame

Be it on a journey
On a road with all its bends
Just sitting by the other’s side
Hoping this never ends

Be it on a lakeside
With no words, just silence
For being with each other
Is the one essence

Or be it at a movie
With all the lights gone dim
Rain clattering on the window
It’s just another whim...

It’s the little things that matter
For we want each other perfect
But we teach and learn, no matter how hard
For we know what we’re to get

I cannot say what it all is
Is it a sense of bonding?
Or love in its purest form
Or for each other, a longing?

The craving, it cannot be stifled
But my mind has all the keys
It tells me “You will never act
So fantasize as you please”

So once again I close my eyes
Tis a world devoid of pain
For now it’s only she and I
Oh my, I am in heaven again…