Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Rules of Freedom

Have not a mind that closes itself
To the confines of its walls
Be not a soul that wishes to drown
In the shallow waterfall

Break from the clutches of time and reason
Look yon beyond the seas
Swim with the gulls, fly with the fish
Bring to your brow no crease

How tasteful is the sweet winning
Of love's first ever kiss
Cage not these wings for so they moult
But when unbound there's bliss.

Do love the free in thee, my love,
Enchanted through and through
The light you have to move towards
I drift with thee unto.

Sing out the words you meant to say
Live in the hour that's yours
Smile at the tunes that soar to heights
Into the skies azure

Forever there is another sky,
So tranquil and so fair,
Flooded with aeonian sunshine
In which ye ought to dare

Rescue the heart from depths of fear
And eerie nights that loom
Relentlessly combat the storm
For then the buds will bloom.

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