Friday, September 12, 2008

On your mark...Get set...Go !!

Formed and fashioned from above
A cherished gift was I
Mom and dad were full of love
For the apple of their eye

Be it ma with her nightly kiss
Or daddy making my meal
Time may destroy all but this
To now that warmth I feel

Then to me it was the time
To do what I felt right
Breaking rules was no crime
By day or by the night

One fine day, in love I fell
Let it decide my mood
Snapping out of it as well
When to me it did no good

At long last I found my star
That shone bright in the crowd
It was one that had no scar
With it, FOREVER screamed aloud

What magis was, it hit 'pon us
As we led her into this world
Love spread about in manners thus
As she grew, our joys untold..

Now as I age, I think and muse
Of that I've gained and not
Life sometimes it has been a ruse
A straight road or a knot

Finally, all's said and done
I am an ebbing tide
And the time for me has come
To walk to the other side!

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