Monday, September 29, 2008


I am afraid of the vibes
Of the unspoken words that scare
Of the light touch that rattles my nerve
With certainty, I know its there

I fear the yen that so persists
That I know is to be curbed
And yet it is unstoppable
Like an excruciating thirst

The crowd around, it does hurt
It kills the spark; dulls the flame
But once left to ourselves
It rises again, no one’s to blame

Be it on a journey
On a road with all its bends
Just sitting by the other’s side
Hoping this never ends

Be it on a lakeside
With no words, just silence
For being with each other
Is the one essence

Or be it at a movie
With all the lights gone dim
Rain clattering on the window
It’s just another whim...

It’s the little things that matter
For we want each other perfect
But we teach and learn, no matter how hard
For we know what we’re to get

I cannot say what it all is
Is it a sense of bonding?
Or love in its purest form
Or for each other, a longing?

The craving, it cannot be stifled
But my mind has all the keys
It tells me “You will never act
So fantasize as you please”

So once again I close my eyes
Tis a world devoid of pain
For now it’s only she and I
Oh my, I am in heaven again…

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