Tuesday, July 8, 2008

8 minutes of Birdhood

Up we went in a frail li'l craft
That took its time to get us aloft
Into bright blue skies on a beautiful day
We soared as we kept our fears at bay

The moment of truth had indeed arrived
As I stood on the edge, ready to glide
I barely counted to two point five
And before I knew, I'd taken the dive

I was but a rock in a mighty fall
Off a building standing three miles tall
And rare as moments could ever get
No thoughts thru' my mind did I once let

I screamed aloud with all my heart
Darting below ripping clouds apart
Was this as it really seemed
Or that I had only dreamed?

My ears went quiet, that's when I knew
No dream this was, but just so true
And I flailed my limbs like a crazy fool
Smiling at the lens, to look my cool

And suddenly, the skies they shook
As the chute broke open from its hook
That marked the time I was born again
As a bird that knew to fly by then

Pulling the chords, like I had the flair
In control I was, doing what I could dare
An air of peace before me loomed
As I glided above, while all earth zoomed

Acres of pastures stretched below
While I floated to ground, smooth and slow
A thrill this was like never before
And I wished so hard to fly once more

With a perfect landing to the ground
Gloating as I saw friends around
This was the best deal I could hack
One round trip to heaven and back!

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