Thursday, May 29, 2008

Relationship - not just another nametag

The purity of lasting bonds never ceases to amaze
With abysmal depths of its own, leaving us in a daze
Intensity and power with which these branches are entwined
The choice lies in your hands, for you we are lined
I know not yet what to call it, there seems to be no name
For the richness that engulfs me so, I have no one to blame

The sound of togetherness echoes in the vale
Answers to these calls come with ease, for no more am I pale
This aura thus surrounding me, with sanctity infused
I hope to cherish all of it, and never be refused
My mind is all drenched and absorbed so deeply in your thoughts
And I have a pulse racing so hard, but only for the sorts

The tune of hearts beating along, sounds like a symphony
Yet at times there are unknown cues of melancholy
Bursts of passion promise to me, to last till eternity
It makes me think I am cared for, its not about pity
All I need is the feeling that, there's someone by my side
It be a face that I turn to, the place where I can hide

Those that envy mumble to me, my deeds will make me rue
But is there any other way, for I can't help but think of you
Some see this as a sacrifice, but with it I hope to learn
Going beyond love and desire, my heart has much to earn
It may be just another gamble, but I have to wager on
For there is much to win in this, but without it I lose all.

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