Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I look at the mirror, and this is what I see

It sure is difficult to begin writing about myself, as I have never done this before.
But then, I suppose one ought to know something about every blogger.

Since I am not quite sure about what you are expecting out of this, I will put it my way...

To start off with, I, like most others, believe a lot on my instincts. In fact, I have gone a little further, up to the point of beginning to trust my instinct.. now thats not as easy as it appears to be.

In my world, people are all that matter. To describe myself, I would - almost always - have to describe myself in conjunct with another. My behaviour varies from person to person. And each human is invariably categorized by me as one of:
- An acquaintance
- An inspiration
- A dream
- A potential friend (who eventually does become one)
- A nemesis (a very strong word, I know. But, weeell..how do I put it..a negative factor in my life. Yea..that sounds more like it !)

Acquaintances . So many!! What more can I say ? You meet some, and whether you remember them or not, there you are! You still have 1 more person added to your so-called account.

Inspirations.. Oh yea.. there are those whom I so much admire - for reasons of my own, of course!

My dream... well, there is upto now, only 1 person that fits in here...
She also happens to be a friend but definitely NOT my inspiration...there are many things about her that I dislike. Yet, she has that something which I would love to have more of, and more importantly, she can flaunt it so very well. Now what is this, you may ask. Freedom. I yearn for it.. I thrive on it.. Speaking of which, I have all the freedom in the world. The problem is, I just don't know how to excercise this freedom ! And I believe, the only person I can learn this from, is my Dream.

Confused? Frankly, that was the idea !

My friends... few, but solid. They are just another me! But believe me, each of my friends is so very different from the other and also from me. Yet, we bond. These are those persons to whom I do not have to explain anything - no excuses needed, no apologies, bla bla bla... I simply can be "at home" with them. When it comes to me with these persons, life is very simple. Everything is as it appears. I am so glad about that. I can begin where I want and stop when I feel like. They accept me as I am and vice-versa. Well, how do I make such friends? Mostly by instinct (which is kinda at first sight), or due to constant interaction, which eventually leads to something very pukka, so to speak. I can be snobbish with them if I feel like, I can play all the pranks I like (which I can play on ONLY them), I can be the kindest, I can throw tantrums(which I do take pleasure in), I can be my best, I can even lie (soon enough I would blurt out the truth, of course), I can even be a no-good-listener...but somehow, it does not really matter.

During every phase of my relation with any person I have come across, I have observed that apart from instinct, what drives me towards any decent and healthy relationship, is my freedom with the person. It is how free I am with her/him..

And yea, I have my own sweet ambitions...everyone does ! No big deal !

By now, you probably would be wondering (that is if you were paying any attention at all), whatever happened to my Nemesis? So, to answer you, I say, I choose NOT to discuss that..

Coming back to me (again), I am a romantic at heart. I like imagining and visualising (not always the best of things to do, you know). But when it comes to imagining the tangible (doesn't that qualify to be a paradox ?), there goes my imagination for a toss !! Ironically, logic appeals to me. I believe that the world cannot survive without a little bit of logical imagination (but I wouldn't say vice-versa here... imaginary logic ....SCARY )
Talking of logic reminds me of math. I just LOVE math !!!! Well, not exactly the theorems and stuff, just plain simple arithmetic and algebra fascinate me !
Sudoku and puzzles too are my idea of entertainment.

Whooaa !! Till now I have only been ranting about some philosophy AND about the stuff I like.

But guess what !! There are tons of things I dislike ...
Starting with BRINJAL (or eggplant for those who wish to grasp the English in the US).... cannot tolerate the mere presence of this vegetable !!
Next, it would be bossy people. Hey, what the heck, get off my face ! Many of my dislikes circle around such "bossy people".Oh, by the way, I would like to add hypocricy to my hate-list too, but I can be the biggest hypocrite myself !! So, you cannot really trust me on that one...

Oh boy...am I tired or what !!
I guess I can continue..but then, aren't you bored by now ?

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