Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Drifting ahead...

A few months ago, by chance we met
And since then, has my mind been set
If there ever has been a heart so pure
It has to be you, my friend, I'm sure

You see in me, that which is me
You see my flaws...oh so it be
You accept me for who I am
You urge me into what I can

When I am happy, you are part of it
And sing along, as together we sit
When I am lost, you show me my way
And soon enough, are my cares at bay

I speak to you, of joys and worries
Moments from which my heart scurries
You listen to me, eye, nose and ear
That which none else can hear

With you I'm at home, I'm at peace
Trust in you, it comes with ease
In you I see a pal, a friend
For you I wish the paths ne'er bend

Your faith in me is like the ocean
Oh so deep…beyond imagination
You let me be oh so free
Like the waves, out in the sea

You chose me, among the so-many
As the one privileged of your company
Thus, hand in hand we walk
And dance a step, and talk the talk

As inseparable as we are
Be us near or be us far...

1 comment:

VINEET said...

Nicz onz. But dnt get dizheartened baby. U r gona fndz someone wonderful.